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When we say real-time data, we mean it! MetaFluent’s Smart Refresh ™ technology can give your programs access to 10’s of thousands of rows of data with sub-millisecond latency supporting agile and confident business decisions.


We have a Taoist mindset towards data and strive to work with its nature. Data wants to flow, it’s always coming into existence and changing shape, but it is too vast to acquire in its entirety at every moment. When you remove a drop of water from the ocean, you both are and are not holding the ocean in your hand.


MetaFluent collects all data, including real-time data, straight from the source that generates it rather than relying on a copy. That means the data a MetaFluent powered program uses is always fresh, accurate, reliable and identifiable.


The problems you’re solving are complicated enough without the added hassle of having to get accustomed to another platform. With MetaFluent you can use industry-standard APIs to access its functionality. It’s so simple, You Already Know How to Use It ™.

MetaFluent was originally developed and refined for one of the world’s biggest investment banks, which continues to use the software extensively throughout its global trading operations.

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